Transfer a Firearm to You:

If you bought a firearm off the internet from a dealer or off a site like , you will need to have that firearm sent to an FFL holder to transfer to you. We are a local Glen Rose, Texas Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder that will accept your incoming transfers. We charge $25 for incoming transfers which can be paid by credit/debit card from our Homepage .  Send the details of your transaction (the company name you bought from, email address of sending FFL, and order number/description) to ffl [at] on-targettrainingcourses [dot] com and we will send the company a copy of our FFL directly so they can ship your firearm to us after receiving their FFL.  Once your firearm arrives, we will send you an email and schedule a time you can pick it up during our normal business hours . You will be required to fill out ATF paperwork (4473) and pass a background check before taking possession of your firearm.