A Little About Our Testing Center:

We are a BBB Accredited, Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Center offering a multitude of exam services. We proctor tests for PSI , PAN , Measure Learning, Kryterion, ETS, CLEP , and TCOLE . We also offer TX high school equivalency exams like the GED. If you need to take a high-stakes exam, we are the place to go. We offer a quiet, small, and stress-free Testing Center located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, just off the highway. Come check out why people from all around Texas are taking advantage of our late evening and weekend hours that no other Testing Center offers. We look forward to seeing you reach your testing goals and are here to help you get there!

No Cell Phones Allowed

No Electronic Devices Allowed

No cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices are allowed inside the Testing Center building. Please leave these items at home or secured inside your locked vehicle. If you are being dropped off for testing, please tell your ride to pick you up after your exam is scheduled to end. Please leave your cell phone with your ride. We do have an office phone you may use to call your ride, should you finish your exam early. If you are caught bringing a cell phone, smart watch, or other electronic device into the Testing Center, your exam appointment may be terminated and you may be asked to leave the Test Center before you finish your exam. This rule is in place to prevent cheating or other misconduct during exams. We thank you for your cooperation. Please note that we have relaxed our face mask policy and we do not require anyone to wear a face mask when visiting our Testing Center. If you are uncomfortable with others not wearing a face mask around you, please schedule your exam at a different Testing Center. Our staff will continue to wear a face mask at all times. All our staff members are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. You are still welcome to wear a face mask during your appointment with us if you choose to.

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A Little About On-Target Training:

On-Target Training Courses, LLC is a full-service, high-stakes testing center. We are just outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for that small-town feel. See how our center is different than the others out there with our evening and weekend hours.

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