College-Level Examination Program


Register for an Exam

To register for a CLEP® exam, visit and follow the instructions to purchase a CLEP® exam and pick On-Target Training Courses, LLC as your prefered testing center. There is a $15 administration fee for each exam you take, that is charged when you book the appointment to take your exam at our Test Center. We accept exact cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards as payment. This $15 administration fee is paid directly to the Testing Center for administering and proctoring your exam and is not part of The College Board’s fees for the exam.  The current CLEP® Exam ticket is $89 per exam (effective July 1, 2019).

Once you have picked us as your prefered testing center, please visit our Homepage to schedule your testing appointment and pay the $15 exam administration fee.  Once you have a confirmed date and time with us, all you have to do is show up with your registration ticket you printed from the CLEP® website or email and a valid photo ID card (such as a driver’s license).  If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

Receiving CLEP® Exam Scores

Scores are provided on-screen immediately upon completion of most exams. Test administrators will provide you a print out copy of the score report before you leave the testing center. There is an exception for College Composition exams, which scores are mailed to you two to three weeks after the test date (CLEP® essays are scored twice a month). Test takers’ scores are also available on the CLEP® My Account registration portal one business day after taking the exam. College Composition scores are available online 2–3 weeks after testing.

Sending Score Reports to Institutions

If test takers want to send their scores to a college, employer, or certifying agency, they are given the opportunity to select this option when they register. This service is free of charge only if they select their score recipients at the time of registration. After testing, students can order official transcripts by logging in to My Account. There is a $20 fee per transcript ordered for each institution. Note: Only transcripts for non-DANTES funded exams can be ordered through My Account. Test takers ordering official transcripts for DANTES-funded exams must complete and submit the Military Transcript Order Form. The cost for each military transcript is $30.

Canceling Scores

If you do not want your scores reported to the institution you have selected, then you are given the option to cancel your scores in the testing software at the very end of your exam. You are asked to verify this decision several times before the score is canceled. Scores cannot be canceled once you have seen your instant score report. Canceled scores cannot be reinstated, and canceled exams cannot be retaken for three months. Additionally, canceled scores will not be available in a test taker’s exam score page in My Account.

Exam Listing

History & Social Sciences
CLEP American Government Exam
CLEP History of the United States I Exam
CLEP History of the United States II Exam
CLEP Human Growth and Development Exam
CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology Exam
CLEP Introduction to Psychology Exam
CLEP Introductory Sociology Exam
CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics Exam
CLEP Principles of Microeconomics Exam
CLEP Social Sciences and History Exam
CLEP Western Civilization I Exam
CLEP Western Civilization II Exam

Composition & Literature
CLEP American Literature Exam
CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature Exam
CLEP College Composition Exam
CLEP College Composition Modular Exam
CLEP English Literature Exam
CLEP Humanities Exam

Science & Mathematics
CLEP Biology Exam
CLEP Calculus Exam
CLEP Chemistry Exam
CLEP College Algebra Exam
CLEP College Mathematics Exam
CLEP Natural Sciences Exam
CLEP Precalculus Exam

CLEP Financial Accounting Exam
CLEP Information Systems Exam
CLEP Introductory Business Law Exam
CLEP Principles of Management Exam
CLEP Principles of Marketing Exam

World Languages
CLEP French Language Exam
CLEP German Language Exam
CLEP Spanish Language Exam